hinting-viewer - View font outline hinting

This is a simple program I wrote a couple of years ago of years ago to look in detail at how the FreeType hinting process was affecting the outlines of a font.

Hinting viewer screenshot

There are some notes about its design in a blog entry

I think it's pretty nifty, but I have no current plans to extend it or maintain it. If you do anything with the code, let me know, and I'll add a link to your work here.

hinting-viewer runs under GNOME and depends on the GTK+, cairo, FreeType, and GConf libraries. The versions it depended upon were bleeding-edge in 2004, but the library versions on any reasonably recent Linux distribution should be fine now. To build the code just go to the directory and type 'make'.

This program is Copyright 2005, Red Hat Inc. and licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING in the distribution for details.